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403: Healthy People, Healthy Relationships: How Conflict in Relationships Can be the Catalyst for Deeper Healing


Debra Fileta, M.A.






Couples facing regular conflict and routine marital tension often fail to realize that there tends to be a conflict pattern that comes up repeatedly in their relationship. Interestingly enough, that conflict pattern is often rooted in both their emotional health in the present and the emotional wounds of their past. In this presentation, licensed mental health professionals will learn how to identify these patterns of conflict within their clients and how trauma and emotional pain from past experiences are possibly a root problem for couples. Participants will be able to see conflict within their clients as an invitation to deeper healing and learn how to resolve it through the process of healing from the past and becoming emotionally healthy in the present. In this workshop, the presenter will show participants strategies that will help clients work through navigating the past to bring healing in the present. 


Learning Objectives 

Participants will: 

  1. Identify patterns of conflict in a relationship  
  2. Describe patterns that are created from past trauma and emotional pain and make connections as to how the trauma and pain may be impacting a couple’s conflict pattern in the present  
  3. Discuss strategies for the mental health professional to foster healing from both the past and practical steps for conflict resolution in the present 



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