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103: When Trust Has Been Broken: The Road Map to Repairs


Leslie Vernick, M.S.W.






Pornography, adultery, addictions, and abuse destroy marital trust. Reconciliation is always the hoped for goal. But what are the specific steps needed to rebuild broken trust? What are the therapeutic and personal mile markers that indicate a couple is on the right path to rebuild that trust? True reconciliation requires more than forgiveness. Genuine healing must involve repairing the trust that was damaged.   

Learning Objectives 

Participants will: 

  1. Discuss six specific areas where trust can break down in marriage  
  2. Discover two key indicators that will help you identify old marital history from new marital history so a bridge can begin to be built 
  3. Identify four specific steps needed to rebuild broken trust, as well as know when marital trust is irreparably harmed 


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