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060. Advanced Life Coaching Skills and How to Grow Your Coaching Business


Georgia Shaffer, M.A.
Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D.
Sylvia Hart Frejd, D.Min.






The field of professional Christian coaching continues to be a growing opportunity to partner with others in transforming lives, especially during these challenging times. However, maybe the idea of starting a thriving coaching practice seems overwhelming to you. Or it might be more difficult and take you longer to obtain additional clients than you imagined. Whether you are beginning your business or have been coaching for years, this interactive intensive will equip you with key resources and the best researched coaching practices. In addition, you will learn how to continually refine the essential core coaching competencies to grow into a masterful coach with a thriving practice. 

Learning Objectives 

Participants will:

  1. Discuss the importance of integrating biblical views into professional Christian coaching 
  2. Refine and build basic and advanced coaching skills (e.g., this session will include role-playing, reviewing research, and case studies) 
  3. Learn practical strategies for marketing and building a client base and distinguish how to avoid the main reasons why life coaching practices fail 
  4. Identify similarities and distinctions in group and team coaching and how they build your coaching practice 
  5. Gain a deeper understanding of how to best handle challenging clients 
  6. Analyze how to create an effective coaching contract or agreement with your clients, along with key elements to include 
  7. Explore different business systems critical to coaching that will enable you to launch and grow your coaching practice 
  8. Identify key obstacles that hinder a client’s ability to change and how to help the client to move past them 
  9. Learn the ICCA Christian Coaching Competencies and the ICCA Code of Ethics 
  10. Explore the different coaching models and how to incorporate them into your coaching