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105: From Trauma to Transformation: A Path to Healing and Growth


Debra Laaser, M.A. Elizabeth Griffith, M.A.






In a clinical setting, mental health professionals often talk about post-traumatic stress symptoms following traumatic life events, but few think about the possibility of post-traumatic growth (PTG)—the positive ways in which clients can be transformed by their trauma. Yet, this is precisely what can happen when Christian clients face their adversity and experience the ways God wants to use their trials to refine and mature them. This workshop will present research on PTG for women who have been relationally betrayed and discuss the components of transformation that can be used in session with a licensed mental health professional. The presenter will provide tangible therapeutic interventions to assist clients in embracing the trauma of loss and moving beyond survival toward a future of thriving.   


Learning Objectives 

Participants will: 

  1. Define post-traumatic growth (PTG) and the components of transforming a traumatic life event    
  2. Evaluate research on how a traumatic life event affects clients’ core beliefs about themselves, others, and their world    
  3. Develop practical therapeutic interventions for licensed mental health professionals to use with their clients, moving them from surviving adversity to thriving