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404: The Traumatic Impact of Grief and Loss Related to Clergy Forced Termination


Dallas Speight, D.Min., Ed.D. Clinical Pastoral Education International P.O. Box 9166 Fleming Island, FL 32006 Sheila W. Speight, Ph.D. Clinical Pastoral Education International P.O. Box 9166 Fleming Island, FL 32006






Forced termination of clergy could be considered a modern-day epidemic. Although it is difficult to obtain an accurate count, it is estimated that at least 25% of clergy will experience forced termination in their careers (Barfoot et al., 2005; Tanner et al., 2012). Perhaps even more telling is the impact that forced termination has on the lives of ministers, ministers’ families, the Church, and the community. This workshop will identify the seriousness of this problem and explore the significance of the traumatic impact of forced termination from a social, emotional, theological, and psychological perspective in the lives of the clergy and their families. 


Learning Objectives 

Participants will: 

  1. Identify the problems related to forced termination and define terms related to job loss 
  2. Describe the traumatic impact of grief and loss of forced termination 
  3. Identify contributing factors that may lead to involuntary job loss and consequences of related forced termination 



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