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016. How to Start and Manage a Mental Health Ministry in Your Church Copy


Matthew Stanford, Ph.D.






Most people are affected by mental illness—some because of their own diagnosis, some because a close family member has an illness, and many more because they regularly interact with people who have mental disorders. Churches and ministries are usually the first places people go for help in addressing a mental health problem. Yet, many ministry leaders do not know how to respond or fail to recognize the opportunity to provide critical support. In this workshop, Dr. Stanford will provide understanding for mental health coaches, pastors, pastoral counselors, and lay counselors on developing and growing a successful mental health ministry within your faith community. 


Learning Objectives 

Participants will: 

  1. Recognize how churches are uniquely positioned to minister to individuals impacted by chronic mental illness through pastoral counselors, lay counselors, pastors, and coaches 
  2. Identify characteristics of successful mental health ministries and understand how living with mental illness affects individuals and their families 
  3. Describe how churches of any size can have an impactful and thriving mental health ministry